Late Winter Flowers – Love them!

WP_20160212_15_12_39_Rich_LIIt does my heart good to see flowers blooming once again.  It always strikes me as too early when I see the first ones emerging in late winter but it brings a smile to my face none the less. I love, love, love flowers and I want to see them blooming in my garden from the earliest parts of spring to the first frost of winter.  And, for the most part, there are flowers blooming in my garden that long.  I make sure of it.  🙂

Here you see the early bloom of Crocus.  It is one of the earliest blooming flowers and these remind me that I should plant more.  I do see the Hyacinths and Daffodils emerging from the soil along with many other plants, but these Crocus are blooming, not just emerging.

WP_20160206_14_49_57_Rich_LIAnother plant that is flowering in my garden now is the Hellebores, pictured is one from my garden with white flowers and one with burgundy/pink flowers.   This is a plant that I was not familiar with before.  It is a garden beauty that came with the house and one that I’ll keep. This plant illustrates why I like to let the garden go through a full year before disturbing or changing the plantings.  I like to see what is there and what it has to offer before I make changes.  This plant is a keeper and I have several of them in the back flower bed.  After the early bloom, they have beautiful green foliage that serves as a great backdrop to the summer blooming flowers that I plant in that bed.

WP_20160206_14_50_08_Rich_LII love having flowers once again in my garden.  I know that each week ahead will yield more flowers as the many, many bulbs that I planted start to bloom.  I see many emerging plants popping up through the soil and it won’t be long before the gardens are all a-bloom.

Happy Blooming, Sheri

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I love gardens, bees and family. In this blog, I write about our experiences as beekeepers, organic gardeners, and the love of nature.
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