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No Inspection Today

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We have gotten into a weekly inspection cadence with our bee hive.  We’ve been advised to inspect our bee hive every 7 to 10 days.  Today should have been that day.  Inspections to hives are done to make sure that … Continue reading

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Eggs and Larvae – Hallelujah!

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After finding our new queen bee in the last inspection, but no eggs and larvae, we decided to be patient and give her more time.  We inspected the hive today and found what the hive desperately needed: eggs and larvae.  … Continue reading

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A New Queen – July 24

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Our last inspection exposed that we had a hive without a queen.  We left two queen cells hoping that at least one would make it into a queen for the hive.  We checked our hive again, looking for a queen, looking … Continue reading

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First Detailed Inspection – June 14th

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Our last inspection was hurried as we were moving the bee frames into their new boxes and I didn’t have proper protection.  I now have the proper equipment: bee suit, hat, and veil, in the style I wanted as purchased … Continue reading

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A Closer Look – May 29th

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The Friday after we brought the bees home, Dave’s friend, Jim, came over around 4pm to inspect our hive. He brought his equipment along with his bee suit, gloves, hat and net, though he left all of it on the ground near … Continue reading

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