I Love Tulip Trees

Tulip TreeOr should I say, magnolia trees.  The first time I saw one in full bloom, I couldn’t believe there was a tree that was so completely covered in flowers with no leaves in sight.  It was strange and beautiful at the same time.  I kept the image of that tree in my thoughts and sought to know its identity.  I wanted one for my yard.


Black Tulip Magnolia

I was told that it was a tulip tree.  That certainly is a fitting name for this tree.  I also found out that a tulip tree is a saucer magnolia tree.  I bought one for the house we lived in 20 years ago.  I’m sure it is a beauty by now.  We didn’t live there long enough to see it mature.  We’ve lived in two other homes in the meantime, not counting the one we live in now and neither of them were very amenable to planting a new tree.  They both had mature trees and landscaping and I could never figure out a good location for an addition like the tulip tree that I love.

WP_20160206_15_30_46_Rich_LIThis house is different and has lots of room for new trees and so after doing some research, I found the perfect one for me.  This is a new variety that has the darkest, most dramatic flower on magnolia trees and is called a ‘Black Tulip’ Magnolia Tree.  I love it!  We located a nursery that carried them last year, but they were all sold out, so this year we started calling earlier and found some.  We went directly to the nursery and bought two.

My husband opened up a spot in the corner of our yard for these two trees and planted them.  They are going to be so gorgeous when they start blooming.  I can’t wait.  😀

Can’t stop smiling – Sheri

About sheribettine

I love gardens, bees and family. In this blog, I write about our experiences as beekeepers, organic gardeners, and the love of nature.
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