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I love gardens, bees and family. In this blog, I write about our experiences as beekeepers, organic gardeners, and the love of nature.

Late Winter Snows

 The first flowers of the season are late this year due to below average cold temperatures and late snows.  The yard is beautiful covered in snow.  I love trees with their snow and ice covered limbs, standing tall as frozen sculptures for all … Continue reading

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Peonies – Wow, Just Wow

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I LOVE peonies.  This is a fairly new flower for me to grow, but I LOVE them.  I don’t know of a more beautiful flower and I pay attention to flowers!  I love so many flowers, but I LOVE these.  … Continue reading

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Bee Blog Changes

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We started our journey last year as new beekeepers with a hive we purchased from Craigslist.  I created this blog to document that journey.  Here we are a year later.  Our hive last year did not survive.  We learned basic hive maintenance, experienced … Continue reading

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Azaleas – full of color

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So beautiful and full of color are azaleas.  They look like a full bush of flowers, which I guess they are.  I love them in my garden and they are another trouble free flowering bush.  Plant it and enjoy it.  No fuss … Continue reading

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Apple Blossoms, So Beautiful

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I never noticed before, exactly how beautiful the blossoms of apple trees are.  The buds are as beautiful as any rose buds I’ve seen.  Rose colored buds, opening to a white flower with a yellow stylus is one of my favorite combinations … Continue reading

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Package Bee Update

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I want to loop back on the bee package installation that I reported on my last blog.  After 3 days we reopened the hive and happily noticed that the bees had left their packages and had taken over the frames in … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Bees – Again

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About 30,000 bees have taken up residence at our house and our home feels alive again.  Our bee packages arrived last Wednesday.  I didn’t realize how much I missed having bees until these new ones arrived. Dave and I love watching them … Continue reading

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