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The Importance of Queens

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Eggs and Larvae Hallelujah!  This is Déjà vu.  Didn’t I write this just a few weeks ago?  Our latest new queen has now integrated into the hive successfully and has started laying eggs.  What a relief.  Our bee population is … Continue reading

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Sunflowers – Simply Perfect

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Sunflowers are the perfect flower for our garden.  They are beautiful and bright as they tower over all other plants in the garden.  They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face just by looking at them. Sunflowers … Continue reading

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New Queen, False Queen

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No eggs, no larvae, no queen.  That is how we found the hive upon our last inspection.  The hive cannot survive without a queen and this is a critical time.  With the nectar drying up, hives are now getting ready for … Continue reading

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Wasps – Hive Under Attack

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As we went to inspect the hive this week, we noticed several dead bee bodies around the front of the hive.  These dead bee bodies were joined by several wasp bodies.  Our bees have been under attack by wasps and … Continue reading

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Marigolds ROCK

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Marigolds are truly the ROCK STAR in my flower garden this year.  They are the clear winner of all the flowers that I’ve planted.  We started these plants as seeds in our greenhouse and set them out to fill gaps … Continue reading

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