Fall Plantings – Did I Go Too Far?

DaffodilFinally! Yesterday I planted my last bulb.  I may have bought too many fall bulbs and plants this year.  ‘Why did I buy so many?’ I asked myself as I took on the arduous task of getting them all in the ground.   The answer came back that I am impatient.

We have just spent our second year in this house and I want mature flower beds.  I no WP_20150705_002longer have the patience to wait for several years to fill the beds around the house with flowers.  Now, I’m more seasoned. I know what I want and I don’t want to wait too long to get it.

I had to first let all the beds go through a growing season so that I could see what was in them and what needed to be done.  I don’t want to accidentally harm or destroy existing plants after all.  This year, year two, I planted both perennials and annuals for the summer and then poured over fall planting catalogs, hungry for the flowers they promised and aggressively picked out bulbs and plants.

HyacinthsI must admit that I underestimated the effort it would take to get all this in the ground.  As I work full time, I could only devote weekends to planting and with out of town trips and wet weather, the weekend days were also very limited.  Every available clear weekend day, I spent planting.  So many bulbs were planted that my favorite bulb planting tool broke during one of these days.

WP_20130609_001All in all, I planted 360 bulbs and plants.  Whew!  I look forward to enjoying the full bounty of these plantings next year.  😀  I know that from this effort, good things will come.


  • WP_20130609_007200 Daffoldils (love these)
  • 60 Hyacinths (smell oh so good!)
  • 24 Irises (love these)
  • 20 Day Lilies (love these)
  • 20 Mountain Lilies (tiny – new for me)
  • 16 Lily Trees (giant – these are amazing)
  • 9 Peony Bushes (love these)
  • 9 Oriental Lilies (gorgeous color)
  • 2 Crown Imperials (regal – new for me)

Happy Blooming!  Sheri


About sheribettine

I love gardens, bees and family. In this blog, I write about our experiences as beekeepers, organic gardeners, and the love of nature.
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